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    Benefits to enhance your life journey

    Empowering the lives of patients is important for Sanofi. We are proud of our efforts to help people around the world prevent and fight serious health challenges at every step of their health journey. You play an essential part in this journey.

    At Sanofi, we offer benefits which we believe enrich your life today, and empower you to save, perform, grow, and create your own life journey.

    Check out our main benefits

    The Company’s main benefits comply with national regulations, are adapted to local cultures, and provide the coverage that best meets employee needs. Benefits are reviewed on regular basis to ensure you receive a package that is competitive in each of the markets where we operate.

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    Rewards & Recognition

    At Sanofi, we recognize and celebrate those who consistently embody our mission and values to empower the lives of patients and go above and beyond to drive our business forward. Here are some of the Company’s key rewards:

    • Highly competitive base salary
    • Annual individual bonus for your contribution to the Company’s business and success
    • Employee referral program.

    Financial / Savings

    At Sanofi, we empower you to save and build your future through a number of initiatives:

    • Pension benefit and retirement contribution plans
    • Savings plans
    • A competitive employee share ownership plan – in addition to our generous compensation package – which enables you to invest in Sanofi shares at a discounted price. This plan fosters our inclusive culture and provides an additional opportunity to connect employees to Company growth.
    • Allowances supporting special lifetime goals such as housing, adoption, and education
    • Loans and additional payments upon special occasions.

    Health and well-being

    Partnering in people’s health journey is at the core of what we do, and you are no exception. At Sanofi, we provide a range of services and resources to help you stay in a good health and live your life to its fullest:

    • Healthcare and insurance benefits
    • Medical plans
    • Sick time
    • Disability coverage
    • Life insurance payments to dependents

    The well-being of Sanofi employees impacts the Company’s ability to help patients and grow our business. We also offer other benefits such as:

    • Health club memberships
    • Wellness programs
    • Lifestyle coaching

    Empowering workspace

    An outstanding work environment fosters creativity and unleashes personal development and individual potential. At Sanofi, we make sure you feel good when you come into the office:

    • Open and inclusive culture
    • Modern, friendly office spaces
    • Cafeteria and catering services offering healthy options
    • Grab & go food stations
    • Kitchenettes with vending machines, free coffee and tea

    Time off

    To fulfill the Company’s mission of empowering life, you need to feel invigorated, refreshed and recharged. We ensure you enjoy:

    • Generous holidays and special leaves to enjoy your personal and family life
    • Leaves of absence

    Life, work and family

    • Flexible remote working options
    • Support to employee children (e.g. tutoring and college preparation)
    • Support to employee spouses, both, opposite-sex and same-sex (e.g. help finding a job in a foreign country)

    Other benefits

    It would take pages to mention all the benefits available at Sanofi. See some additional ones that we believe are of importance for you:

    • Company car
    • Internet and mobile phone allowances
    • Payment of expenses

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